Envee Lists on Market

At the beginning of 2015, Envee Inflight Entertainment Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Envee, stock code: 835247), began to listed on New OTC Market, as well as National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ). It became the first listed company in Sichuan province in the field of “Internet + Air”

By January 18th 2015, the amount of listing companies on New OTC Market in Chengdu high-tech zone reaches to 54, ranked the third among national high-tech zones and over 30 percents in Sichuan province. Among them, there are 27 newly listed enterprises in 2015.

Leading Air Internet

Envee focuses on providing air internet with platform R&D, operation services and solutions. It is China’s first enterprise authorized for software development by such IFE system hardware manufactures as Panasonic and Thales.
As the company’s director says, for a long time, IFE and its criteria setting were monopolized by foreign manufacturers. “but we find that their R&D ability is not good enough, the localization is not good too, passengers only passively accept entertainment programs but not have interactive participations. What’s more, the programs are outdated which can’t meet passenger’s demands. Seeing this deficiency, we start to develop IFE software to offer interactive content on demand and provide airlines with “made in china” air products. Up to now, our clients include Air China, Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Tibet Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Europe Airlines, etc.
In September 2014, the company had shareholding reform and introduced such two strategic investors as Shanghai Jichuang Investment Management Co., Ltd and Beijing Listing-home Technology Incubator Co., Ltd; their stock proportion is 7.14% and 7.14% respectively.
We take an opportunistic view of the market prospect. In recent years, the official decisions, made by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Civil Aviation Administration of China, to take trial period of onboard communication devices means that in the near future passengers will be allowed to use phones or other electronic equipments on their air traveling. At that time “Air WiFi” products will be needed. Once the complete coverage of air WiFi comes true, we can follow the trend to release our IFE platform at the first time, to provide passengers with contents, WiFi and LAN services, further by seizing such opportunity to enter the field of “Internet plus Air ” and lead air internet.
As Xian Rongsheng, the director of Chengdu High-tech Zone Economic and Trade Development Bureau, said “the successful listing on market reflects from one side the activity of innovative enterprises of Cheng High-tech Zone on capital market”.
In terms of industry attribute, 22 out of27 enterprises listed on last year are strategic emerging industries, involving such genres as software development, e-commerce, electronic communications, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and digital entertainment, etc. Xian said “these enterprises in 2015 created much more output values than that of the traditional industries, it became an important prop for promoting the economic transformation and upgrading in Chengdu high-tech zone.”