What is Air WiFi

Air Wi-Fi is a technology that allows passengers to connect to an internet network through their personal electronic devices (PED) or an in-flight entertainment platform, thanks to an Air-to-Ground connection or a satellite. With this kind of air connectivity, the aircraft is no more an island isolated from the world wide web.


The Air China Wi-Fi Alliance
The Air China Wi-Fi Alliance (ACWA) is composed by the leading enterprises, research institutions, service agencies and news media in China, which are engaged in the modification, authentication, network operation, value-added services, R&D and production of Air Wi-Fi products. Under the concept of Service, Innovation, Unity, the alliance  promotes the development of air internet, improving passenger experience and creating a business model among its members. The alliance is a multi-industrial and non-profit joint organization working on R&D, application, standardization and industrialization of technologies which are concerned with the Air Wi-Fi industry chain, products, systems, solutions, operations and services.


In 2015, Envee was named director unit of ACWA. From that moment, Envee has established  the criteria of the industry, with the mission of promoting its development. In the same year, Envee was also named Rising Star Enterprise in the Air Wi-Fi industry.