Air Wi-Fi Lab

In 2015, Envee was named director unit of Air China Wi-Fi Alliance (led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and began to participate in establishing the criteria for the industry. In order to promote the industrial development and provide basis for the criteria establishment, on October of 2015, Envee invested to build a lab as the basic platform which laid the foundations to be a standard for the industry  in the domestic territory.



Air internet is a technology which allows passengers to connect their personal electronic devices (PED) to a wireless network while flying, offering them the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of in-flight entertainment. Currently, the largest in-flight hardware manufacturers are Panasonic and Thales, therefore all products intended to be integrated on IFE systems, i.e. on the seatback screen, first need to be tested in the hardware manufacturer’s lab in order to acquire the relative certification. Since the domestic testing equipment is relatively small, having tests abroad is very costly. Accordingly, every time airlines need to purchase new equipment or update their old fleet’s systems, hardware manufactures build a testing platform. Frequent updates could result in two main problems:

  • high testing costs
  • long waiting time


Our Solution

We have built a diversified lab in order to test international IFE equipment and the adaptability of various games within the implementation of the Air Wi-Fi server. The lab also provides results on every software intended to be released on the aircraft, with the intention of allowing software manufacturer to participate in the testing process.  As the industry develops and the amount of hardware on aircraft increases, we are preparing to create more integrations and connections within our existing lab. In-flight entertainment systems not only need to be functionally tested, pressure tests and black and white box tests are also necessary, that is why we have created a simulation environment in our lab, which ranks among the top testing labs not only in China but also abroad.

Our Principles

The lab should represent the current international standards of in-flight simulation environments.

The lab requires the highest reliability to ensure the testing process runs smoothly and is completed in optimal conditions.

The research facility of the future will be an open network system, where vendors can have their products tested by remote submissions and receive reports.

Our lab has an advanced mechanism comprising experimental equipment, testing environment and  content.

As ground network technology develops rapidly, our R&D facilities are able to be expanded in accordance with the high demand of the market.


Social Effects

Envee has already taken the lead in developing practical platform products. The company has developed an innovative business model centered in a platform which  assists domestic airlines in breaking the monopoly of overseas aviation software producers. This way, we are able to provide effective and outstanding testing services for China’s aviation industry, hoping to make meaningful contributions to its development.